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20 Animals That Are Smarter Than You

Don't feel bad. These guys just know what it takes to #staysmart.

1. This classically trained Schnauzer

2. This PhD-having cat

3. This mad scientist terrier mix

4. These award-winning puppies

5. This overachieving bunny

6. This massively smart Mastiff

7. This hella smart elephant

8. This organized troupe of macaques

9. This nuts-about-reading chipmunk

10. This millionaire recluse

11. This no-bull bulldog

12. This hardworking hen

13. This cool, calculating Chihuahua

14. This strategically minded intellectual

15. This bird puppet who gives thanks to Enrico Fermi

16. This scholarship-receiving, Exeter-educated Westie

17. This nationally ranked chimp champion

18. This efficient-packing pachyderm

19. This outraged monkey

20. This good will hunting-dog