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    Updated on Mar 3, 2020. Posted on Feb 19, 2020

    My First Date With Cannabis-Infused Food

    Well, I had to try it, and it was not bad at all. You feel life energy later.

    Hello everyone, James here and as anyone says that like CBD a lot, I'm quite opposite. I really don't like CBD products at all. Maybe because my mentality don't wants medicine "inside me".This is the same also for organic products which are intended to help people.I stop on tea I mean a standard amount of daily dose of tea mostly Green Tea or Black Tea to wake me up.

    James A. Rivers

    Before almost 8 years ago, I had massive health issues, which finally lead me to a very unpleasant state of my body and mind, and I ended with anxiety in the highest form with depression.

    Well this will be not about my health issues but with time and medical solutions I by pass this state of body.Medicaments maybe didn't have so much effect of curing the problem but just to pass the day and continue living the next one .

    So this is why today I'm not for pharma solution when it's about your health, not even when we are talking about CBD.

    Today I want to share my experience with cannabis-infused food in my born town Chicago. I did not know that many states in the USA legalize cannabis for recreational use, and many use this chance in the Food industry to implement using cannabis as a form of food from organic background and CBD as it cannabis product.

    James A. Rivers

    The place of the event was in Chicago's Roister restaurant on Fulton Market Street.

    I was with one of my friends, and I did not know what will come from them as a surprise.

    I love seafood, by the way, but in this case, my friend Chris asked to leave for him to make an order.

    When I got the dish, I was surprised a lot. I got Pasta dishes but an unusual one. My friends was laughing, and they had the same order as me.

    So when I tried, I was surprised, but the taste of the dish and I must say it was the best pasta I ever tasted in the USA.

    I was having a taste of pasta increased by 200x times. Tremendously flourished and nothing with scent and smell of how marijuana smells.

    I know that was included cannabis because the dish was covered with one leave from marijuana, so I asked to call the main chef, whose name was Grant.

    He explained to me in short that people want more and more of this kind of dish and willing to pay more.

    He said that this food brings more life energy in the body of the people, and the mind is getting sharpened. That he gets inspiration from Spanish Cousine. The flavor was a secret cannabis-butter combination. I wonder that this might not be entirely true because I'm a skeptic by nature. But in next day, I really feel as I was on steroids, and I was able to think clearly in any situation and perform any easy task peasy. PS: Sorry that I forgot that we were companions with two great ladies and here the shot is taken without my beard.

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