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    20 Black Travel Influencers Who'll Make You Want Go On An Adventure ASAP

    These creative Black travelers will help you see the world differently.

    1. Skylar Kearney of Skylar Marshai

    2. Jessica Ufuoma of the Ufuoma

    3. Nneka Julia of Nneka J.

    4. Clé Hunnigan of Alive Like the Wind

    5. Asiyami Wekulom of Asiyami Gold

    6. Oneika Raymond of Oneika the Traveller

    7. Elton Anderson of Elton Anderson Jr.

    8. Efia Sulter of Effy Shows Life

    9. Mally Walker of Broke Ass Girl Travel

    10. Nasir Fleming

    11. Kesi Irvin of Kesi To And Fro

    12. Nneya Richards of Nneya

    13. Monet Hambrick of the Traveling Child

    14. Francesca Murray of One Girl One World

    15. Brian McIntosh of Where in the World Is B

    16. Jessica Nabongo of the Catch Me If You Can

    17. Briona Lamback of Bri You Me Travel

    18. Sojourner White of the Sojournies

    19. Gabby Beckford of Packs Light

    20. And finally, Ciara Johnson of Hey Ciara (that's me!)

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