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10 Things To Do Now To Save You Time Later

We've all heard that a stitch in time saves nine. And with our busy lives, saving time (and money!) is more important than ever. With HP Instant Ink you can save up to 50% on ink and never run out with Original HP Ink delivered to your door.

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2. Download an app to track the time you waste on your phone.

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Moments, a free app, will track the amount of time you really are spending on your phone so that you're more aware of wasting time. And for a fee, you can actually set a limit to prevent overuse.

3. Create timed playlists.


Only have 35 minutes in the morning? Or 10 minutes for your shower? Make custom playlists that are just as long as the time you have and use it as a timer. (When the last song comes on, you'll know you need to hustle!)

4. Make smoothie packets.


If you're looking for a quick and healthy meal or snack, spend a few minutes ahead of time cutting up fruit and freezing the right portion for a smoothie in sandwich bags. Then just pop the fruit and a liquid — like coconut water — in the blender!

5. Keep a to-do list with you all the time.

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To-do list apps — like TeuxDeux — help you to track everything you need to get done today and in the future. And, since you can access it on your phone, tablet, or computer, you'll always be connected.

6. Become a member of your local CSA.

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CSAs, or community supported agriculture, is a great way to ensure you have a steady supply of fresh, in-season produce — and many will even deliver to your home! Find a CSA near you.

7. Enroll in automatic online bill payment.


Sure, it's a pain to set up automatic bill pay, but once you've got it up and running, you'll save yourself time in the future, and you'll never be late on a payment. A win-win!

9. Label your laundry.


Print out labels and encourage your family to sort their dirty clothes instead of leaving them in a pile on the floor somewhere. It's way easier to throw in a quick load of laundry when it's already sorted for you!

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Save up to 50% on ink and never run out with original HP Ink delivered to your door.