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How To Make The Passionfruit Mojito

In honour of our fave artist Drake, we thought we’d share our secret recipe with you. At the Forum Hertfordshire we like to Take Care of you, so this is the recipe for the Passionfruit Mojito that is Too Good to be true and will definitely be the Best you Ever Had!

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2 shots of Gordons Gin

3 lime chunks

6 Mint leaves

2 tsp sugar

Passionfruit puree


Crushed Ice


Collins Glass



1.Add sugar, lime chunks and mint leaves in the Collins glass and muddle together.

2.Fill glass with crushed ice.

3.Add gin and passionfruit puree in the glass.

4.Bring lime and mint back through the liquid with spoon.

5.Top with soda.

6.Finish with lime sprig.

7.You’re all set!

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