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7 Ways That Drake Proves He's Secretly British

As you can probably tell, we at the Forum have a slightly unhealthy obsession with Drake and More Life at the moment so we are gonna honour the man with a special post. Okay so we know the guy is Canadian, but this playlist (album) is making us think that the Hotline Bling master might actually be secretly British…

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1. Giggs Album Features

"What is a Giggs?" - Rumours of London rapper Gigg’s featuring on Drake’s new album have circulated for months since Drake brought Giggs onstage at the start of the year during a show in Amsterdam to perform “KMT”. The duo also performed “No Long Talk” at a club in London where Drake reportedly bought around $40,000 on champagne for his entourage.

2. Gyalchester

A term used for the home of Corrie, Gyalchester is in fact Manchester. The city must be a favourite of ‘The Motto’ Star as he has spent time in Manchester over the years and recently celebrated his Grammys success in the city back in February.

3. His love for Skepta

“A Skepta?” – Drake has not been quiet about his admiration for this UK Grime king, but we did not expect Skepta to have his very own interlude on the album. Skepta even gives a shout-out to his sister Julie “Don't phone me, send a text to Julie.”

4. Jorja Smith, Sampha and Dave

His love affair with British music continues with features from these guys. After showing Jorja love on Instagram for her Number 11 EP, bringing Dave onstage at one of his shows and working with Sampha on ‘Too Much’ and ‘The Motion’, it was a matter of time before these features appeared.

5. The Slang

Drake has set Google ablaze with searches of his newfound lingo. For Drake’s US fans, their google search history will contain searches for ‘Peng Ting’, ‘Side Ting’ and ‘Wasteman’. We think Drake might be having an identity crisis.

6. Blem

So apparently ‘Blem’ is a London term for a cigarette. Although Drake appears to give a new meaning to the word – being high af.

7. He celebrated his album release in London

Yes, he was just down the road celebrating when he released this album or playlist or whatever it is!

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