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    Social Media

    Warning: this could turn into a long long post

    So, I've been thinking about this for a while now and have finally decided to do it.

    The estimated amount of time some people aged 12-18 spend on social media is 6 hours. That's right, 6. I don't even come close to that as a) I have 3 hours on my phone, and Instagram and Facebook are blocked and b) Bandlab, Quora and Buzzfeed are about as close to social media as I'm ever gonna get. But.. does everyone have screen time limits? A bedtime, where their device(s) lock(s) and can't be used? Well here's a poll to find out.

    Well, I'm not sure about it, but: I think that most people who are under maybe 13? Should have a bedtime and a screen time limit because otherwise they will be staring at their devices all day and all night, which affects your sleeping pattern, which can cause problems.

    So like I said before buzzfeed, bandlab and quora are as close as my foot steps to social media. And I don't care if I become famous in some way, I'm still not stepping foot near social media. They say world war 3 is most likely be through the world of cyber bullying, and therefore I'm not risking it.