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Meet The Guy Who Ran 135 Miles Without Stopping, And Filmed The Whole Thing

135 miles, and no that's not a typo.

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Last January, 41-year-old Josh Spector decided to push the limits of his body and mind by running in the Brazil 135, an ultramarathon that takes place in Caminho da Fé (Walk Of Faith). We gave Josh a GoPro and asked him to document his experience.

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But once night fell, he experienced some of the lowest points of his 135 mile journey. "I was very much alone. It wasn't scary, it was eerie and quiet and time seemed to go much more slowly."

Josh said he knew that once the sun came up, he would feel differently — and he was right, sort of. While he said mentally he was feeling better, his feet had started to badly blister.

After the race, Josh told us it took five weeks for his body to recover and his blisters to heal. But the ultramarathoner said, "These long races are much more challenging psychologically than physically."

But Josh wouldn't have it any other way. "I'm almost always thinking about running... If I don't run in the morning, then it's very hard for me to focus... All I'm thinking about is when I'm going to get x done so I can get out and run."

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