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This Is What Happens When You Ask Kids To Review Parenting Tips

BREAKING NEWS: Kids don't really like to be parented.

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We ran four popular parenting tips by the main group that they affect: KIDS. What did they think?

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Tip No. 1: "If you always catch your kid being bad in their room then take the door of its hinges so you can always see inside."

Tip No. 2: "When you put a kid on time-out, don't call it a time-out. Call it a 'feel-better break.'"

(Actually, one kid was really into this idea.)

Tip No. 3: "If siblings won't behave, make them wear a 'get-along T-shirt.'" Which is actually a single T-shirt into which you squeeze two people.

The kids felt REALLY strongly about this one.

And finally, Tip No. 4: "Put sprinkles on vegetables to make your kids eat their veggies."

Come on, this is gross.

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