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    Some Inspiring Examples Of Laundry Room Transformation

    Although a laundry room may be one of the most unpleasant places in a home, it doesn’t have to be. Besides some steps to clean it up every now and then, there are some ways you can transform this place to turn it into a desirable area. With that said, we are going to mention some transformation examples that can elaborate how a laundry room can be made more stylish as well as functional. These examples also include ‘before and after’ images.

    Example # 1

    Before: The image shown below is of a narrow and bare laundry room with no storage option other than the cabinets.

    After: The transformation of this laundry room involved a bit of wall painting and some extension of storage. To enhance the storage, a pegboard can be seen with colorful tools hanging at several points all over it. The tops of machines are also seen serving as a workspace.

    Example # 2

    Before: It can be seen in the image below that laundry room lacks the storage that is required and the overall environment is also dull.

    After: Since the wall’s area was empty and there was need of storage extension, the wooden shelves were added on both sides of the window. A little brightening of space is also done with the help of a repainting job. Couple of artworks is added in the area above the window as seen in the image below.

    Example # 3

    Before: Although it can be seen in the image that overall space of the laundry room isn’t very sufficient but the wall area has much more to offer than only one wire shelf.

    After: The transformation required just a few DIY skills. As seen in the image of the place after transformation, a cabinet is integrated in the center of the wall above the machines with two wooden shelves on both sides. Before all this was attached, the wall was covered with wallpaper. If you want to give the wall some extra character or natural touch, you can use faux stone.

    Example # 4

    Before: When there is a lot of work related to laundry, the laundry room becomes a mess even in the days when this room is not being used. It makes the laundry room unpleasant to look at. The following image can portray the scenario in perfect way.

    After: The light fixtures can be replaced with pendants, and beadboard wallpaper can be used in the vacant spaces. The bins can be placed in the corners, large baskets can be placed on the shelf under workspace, and metallic wire baskets can be integrated with the doors and on the empty parts of the walls. This would make the laundry room more organized and pleasant.

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