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The 13 Most WTF Moments From The First Season Of "Hemlock Grove"

Spoiler Alert: It gets weird. Presented by Hemlock Grove, where even demons have demons. Check out the new season now, only on Netflix.

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13. That creepy flashback to Roman's birth:

12. When Peter and Roman stole the entrails of one of the Vargulf's victims...

11. ...which were then eaten by Destiny to channel her spirit.

10. Clementine's initiation into the Order of the Dragon.

9. When Roman discovered he impregnated HIS COUSIN while under HIS MOTHER'S power... and that he's also an Upir.

8. When Roman attempted suicide rather than obey his mother's command to EAT HIS BABY.

7. Then he killed Olivia by ripping out her tongue...

...and getting all sassy with her corpse.

6. Shelley's revelation of what's underneath her wig.

5. The reveal of Dr. Pryce's resurrection experiment.

4. The reveal of what Olivia did to Clementine.

3. When the Vargulf interrupted a slumber party.

2. Peter's eye-popping transformation into a werewolf.

1. And the reveal of the Vargulf's true identity.

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