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RE: BuzzFeed FOOD APPLICATION Why I'd Be A Good Fit For Food Intern

Hello. I am 99% positive you just clicked on a link to be sent here but if thats not the case and you just stumbled upon this you can give it a read as well!

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Let's start off with me telling you about moi (myself)

who let this happen (me on right)

Tyler's the name, born and raised on Long Island, New York. AKA, "Lawng Island" or "chicken parm paradise". Blah blah blah fast forwarding to more fun information. I'm the type of person that is down to wear a giraffe onesie in public which actually happened and it wasn't even Halloween. I enjoy music, a lot. Occasionally make YouTube videos and montages. Tumblr is life. Don't even get me started on Disney World, one of my favorite places. I've taken a variety of media, communications, and journalism classes looking to pursue my career in creative media and public relations.

I am an internet, meme loving, cultured, media whore

That heading basically speaks for itself as a reason why i'd fit the position well (lol). But seriously seriously I consider myself to be extremely good at the internet or 'interneting' which isn't even a word but honestly it should be especially in 2017. Webster should hop on that. It's an obsession of mine to be discussing celebrities, internet culture, trends, and just news in general. And of course me being a "millennial" my all time favorite things are memes, almost to the point where my life evolves around them. Quite extraordinary.

My relationship with food

Tyler D. #ART

I'll begin with a short story, in my high school art class a given assignment was to draw our name in shaped objects based around a theme. What did I do? I drew my name with Taco Bell related items. If that doesn't explain my love for food then I don't know what will. Looking up new places to eat is a general hobby mine. My friends, co workers and family are always asking where they should go. Annoyingly, i'm one of those people who takes a picture of almost every dish that's placed in front them, even if it's food made from home. Speaking of food made at home I come from an extremely Italian family which means it's A1. I also enjoy searching for new and interesting recipes, which leads to me being a big fan of BuzzFeed's food lists and Youtube videos.

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