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Whether You're A Clueless Cook Or A Home Chef, Here's How HelloFresh Can Make Dinner Time Way Less Stressful

Delicious food, without any fuss.

For the last few months, most of us have gotten pretty used to cooking at home. But both experienced cooks and novices know that sometimes it can be a lot of hassle! Thankfully, HelloFresh can help, and they're offering 50% off your first recipe box – plus 35% off your next three boxes – with the code HELLOBUZZ50. Here's how the service takes the stress out of home cooking for you:

1. HelloFresh recipes have step-by-step instructions and are super easy to follow, making them pretty much impossible to mess up no matter your skill level. They also include photos so you know what to expect from the end result!

2. All of the ingredients you get from HelloFresh are perfectly preportioned for the meals you'll be making, meaning you won't waste any time faffing about with weighing scales or being left with extra ingredients that you don't know what to do with.

3. Wasting your evenings wondering what to make for dinner will be a thing of the past with HelloFresh, as you can select from 18 new recipes every week! If you don't have time to pick them or are feeling super indecisive, there are even automatically selected recipes that'll be chosen for you.

4. The HelloFresh box can be tailored to your household size and accommodates various dietary requirements such as vegetarianism, meaning anyone and everyone can enjoy delicious dinners.

5. There are no speciality ingredients that you have to hunt down in order to make the meals. The only things you'll need are cooking oil, butter, salt, pepper, and sugar. Everything else will be provided.

6. The meals take around 30–40 minutes to prepare on average, which is enough time to really enjoy the cooking ~experience~ and hone your skills without being stuck in the kitchen all evening.

7. And if that's still not speedy enough for you, there's a Rapid box that offers tasty meals. These only take 20 minutes to make.

8. For home cooks who have kids, there's a family-friendly box that's inclusive of children's palates and is designed to use fewer pots and pans. So you can save time on washing up.

9. All the ingredients are high quality and fresh, saving you from having to rifle through the produce at the supermarket to find that one semi-decent avocado.

10. You won't even need to go to the shops to buy dessert, wine, or bread to accompany your dinner, as these can be added as extras to your order.

11. HelloFresh is designed to be flexible and fit around your schedule, with no minimum delivery. You can cancel at any time and skip a week (or up to eight weeks) if you're away or just fancy a little break.

Sounds pretty good, right? You can claim 50% off your first box and 35% off the three after that by clicking here, signing up, and using the code HELLOBUZZ50!