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Tell Us How You'd React In These Awkward Situations And We'll Tell You Your Best Quality

How would you deal???

Ready to put your social skills to the test? Jump right into the awkwardness here:

And if you need some help playing, read below for a few tips!

Everyday life is full of minor indignities — like waving at someone... and realizing you don't actually know them.

Or the sheer horror of texting the wrong person!

Take our interactive quiz at the top of this post and tell us how you'd react to some supremely awkward situations.

Here's how it works: Click through on the video above and answer all the questions about these (hypothetical) scenarios.

Choose what you'd do in each awkward situation.

Answer all the questions on the video, and we'll reveal what your choices say about you as a person.

Want to try it again? Just hit replay and relive the awkwardness to try to get a new result.

So, how'd you do?