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Make It Through This Wedding And Find Out When You’ll Get Married

Hey, you’ll find love. Don’t worry.

Try to survive the scenarios in our interactive wedding below and we’ll tell you when you'll get hitched!

"I love love!"

If a wedding day is on your mood board, you likely want to know when it'll finally happen.

Here's how it works: Click through on the video at the top of this post and you'll become a guest at a hypothetical wedding, answering questions as you go.

Like how would you handle walking in late?

And when during the ceremony is it OK to pull out a snack?

Make your choices carefully and we'll tell you when your own wedding will be.

Want to try different answers? Hit the replay button and take the quiz again.

Leave a comment below to tell us when we predicted your big day will be, so we can RSVP ourselves.