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Tell Us About Your Ideal Ramen And A Top Chef Will Cook You A Personalized Recipe

Udon want to miss this! 🍜

Craving ramen now that it's fall? Tap "Start Cooking" on this interactive video to get a personalized ramen recipe from Top Chef fan fave Nyesha Arrington. Keep scrolling to see how it works.

After selecting how many servings you'd like to make, pick your favorite protein! Choose from pork or chicken — or keep it vegetarian with tofu.

Next, select a broth for your ramen. Are you in the mood for a velvety chicken broth or a delicate veggie broth?

Finally, you'll choose from three noodle options. You can't go wrong!

Once you've locked in your selections, you'll get your recipe. To save or print the recipe, tap "Get My Recipe." Otherwise, it's time to get cooking!

As Nyesha cooks, you'll get a step-by-step breakdown of the recipe. Each step includes a button with a helpful hint, tip, or trick. Or, if you're a pro, you can click through to the next step.

If you do tap on the extra tips, Nyesha will give you a super-simple lesson that even a novice chef can follow. It's like a personal cooking class!

Add your garnishes and — voilà! You now know how to make the perfect ramen bowl.

Don't forget to get your recipe at the end — or play again to create a different ramen bowl. And tell us about your creation in the comments below!