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Only A True Midwesterner Can Pass This Interactive Test

You betcha we'll be able to determine how Midwestern you are.

Do you think you really know what Midwest life is all about? We’ll be the judge of that! Put your Midwesternness to the test in this interactive quiz below.

If you need some tips for how to play, just keep reading!

Playing is simple: Press start on the video above and make choices about your favorite words, customs, and pastimes.

Pay close attention to the questions and answer truthfully to determine if you've got any Midwest in you. For instance, how do you feel about hotdish (if you even know what it is)?

Then simply click on the answer that speaks to you, the TRUE you.

Once you’ve gone through all the topics, we’ll let you know if you can legit call yourself Midwestern.

Let us know if we were right by commenting below! Were we? Were we?

Additional thumbnail images from Getty Images.