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Build Your Perfect Meatball And A Chef Will Cook You A Personalized Recipe

You're not gonna be able to put your fork down.

Hit play on this interactive video to get a delicious meatball recipe made by the chef and co-owner of the Meatball Shop, Daniel Holzman!

Scroll down if you need some tips on how it works.

What kind of ball is your fave? After selecting your preferred number of servings and noting any dietary restrictions, you'll pick a protein to make your meatball.

Next, you'll choose your spices. Do you want something savory or something a little more zesty?

Don't forget to choose your cheese!

The questions don't stop there!

Once you finish making your choices, you'll get a totally customized recipe created by Daniel.

Daniel will teach you step by step how to make the perfect meatball. It's like taking a personal cooking class!

Play along and tell us how YOU made your ideal meatballs.

At the end, you can grab your personalized recipe to make your custom meatballs yourself.