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Are You Actually A Good Listener?

Take our quiz and we can tell you if you REALLY do pay attention when your peeps yammer on and on.

Do you think you're a great listener? Prove it! We're putting your listening skills to the test in this fun (and fascinating) interactive video. Just hit START and listen up.

First, you’ll need to switch on your ears and listen to what our gal has to say. Make sure to pay close attention to everything our lovely host says and does.

Once you’ve given a good listen, click through to our totally painless quiz portion. You'll just need to make a few important choices.

Be warned: There's a Lightening Round to prove just how well you really do pay attention. After you've finished answering all the questions, we'll let you know how well you did!

Let us know your results. Are you as good of a listener as you thought?