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This Interactive Game Lets You Create Your Own ASMR Tasty Recipe

Crinkle, crunch, clink, and clank to your heart's content.

Come along on a culinary ASMR journey. In this interactive video below, you get to customize a dish of your choice from scratch and enjoy the beautiful and soothing sounds we create along the way.


Anyone feeling tingly?

First things first: decide in the video above what you're going to make! I know, it's a nearly impossible choice.

Once you've picked your dish, the fun really starts.

Maybe you want to hear the crinkle of the parchment paper.

Whatever your preference, make sure your sound is all the way up for this one.

When you're done, admire your work of culinary art!

Just don't forget to tell us which sound you loved hearing the most. Head back to the top of this post to play!