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Build Your Dream Boyfriend With This Foolproof Interactive Tool

Mr. Right is just a few clicks away!

Ready to meet your perfect man? Our interactive tool below will build your ideal mate based on a series of questions.

Eko / BuzzFeed

Respond to the prompts in the video above to find out what type of guy you really belong with.

Click here to open this game in a new window.

If you need some guidance on how to play this video, keep reading!

To get started, tap on a model that embodies your dream guy.

Next, we'll quiz you on your dating style. Pick whichever options appeal to you most. (Reminder that the game is above and these screenshots aren't clickable!)

The questions can get pretty tough, like, "What would mean more to you? Taking out the trash or expensive gifts?"

Our dreamy guys are here to support whatever your needs are.

Finally — after you make it through all of our very scientific questions — you'll decide the most important relationship factor: who gets to pick the date night movie.

At the end, we'll reveal the personality of your perfect man. Is he a charming cuddlebug or a rough riding rogue? Or maybe someone else?

Let us know which guy you ended up with in the comments below!

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