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Create A First Date Look And We’ll Tell You Your Ideal Quality In A Partner

Our gal is going on a first date, but she has no idea what to wear. Let’s help her!

Avalon is going out for a big first date — but first, we need you to give her a style makeover. Help her get dressed in the interactive video below, and we'll tell you what quality you appreciate most in a partner!

During the quiz, you’ll be asked various questions to create the perfect outfit for Avalon's date.

First, you'll decide what kind of date she'll be going on.

Choose from a few very distinct (and adorable) date night styles. You can't go wrong, though choosing heels if you're going bowling is definitely A Mood.

Outfit pieces, shoes, and jewelry — you get to pick it all! You're running this fashion show.

After you finish dressing Avalon, we'll let you know what kind of quality in a partner is your ideal, just by analyzing your wardrobe choices.

Want to see what the other outfits look like? Play again and you can create an entirely new first date outfit.

What choices did you make? Let us know in the comments below!