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DNA-Powered Holiday Gift Ideas For The Person Who Has Everything

Because you can't get more personal than DNA.

1. DNA Discovery Kit, the launchpad for discovering actionable insights into their ancestry and wellness.

2. National Geographic Geno 2.0 Ancestry Kit to give someone the gift of family history and connection.

3. EverlyWell Food Sensitivity+ to help someone eat and feel better.

4. DNAFit Diet Fitness Pro 360 for a personalized fitness and nutrition plan based on their genetics.

5. Wine Explorer to hook up the wine lover in your life with personalized recommendations for a bottle they'll love.

6. Dot One Personalized Print for a work of art designed by their own DNA.

All images courtesy of Helix.

Helix can help you make the holidays unforgettable with personalized products that will give your loved ones a lifetime of smart, empowering, and straight-up awesome DNA insights!