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These DNA-Powered Holiday Gifts Will Earn You The Title Of Best Gift Giver

This holiday season, surprise your friends, family, and coworkers with something that really speaks to how unique they are.

1. Dot One Personalized Socks or Scarf to surprise someone with accessories that were literally tailored to their DNA.

2. MyVytalics MySleepInsights to give someone the gift of more restful nights and wakeful days.

3. National Geographic Geno 2.0 to help the history buff dive into their long and, and possibly surprising, genetic history.

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Geno 2.0 dives into everything from the migration paths their ancient ancestors followed to their regional ancestry percentages, going as far back as 150,000 years into human history. Bonus: The new Geno 2.0 mobile app includes cool shareable features like the ability to take a Neanderthal selfie alongside a readout of how much DNA they may have inherited from Neanderthal ancestors. Get it here.

4. DNAFit StartLine to bless the sports or fitness fanatic in your life with some bragging rights about just how athletic they are.

5. Helix DNA Discovery Kit to let someone go on the DNA journey of a lifetime, from ancestry to health and wellness.

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The DNA Discovery Kit is the perfect first step into the amazing world of DNA insights. This baby is truly the next generation of DNA testing. With 100x more data than most other at-home DNA tests, it unlocks insights into ancestry, wellness, and more. Snag it here!

Images courtesy of Helix. Thumbnail image via iStock / Getty Images.

This holiday season, Helix is making it easy for you to give unique holiday gifts with DNA-powered insights and personalization.