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So you've watched The Mummy and The Mummy Returns, you've heard of the curse of Tutankhamun's tomb, but what do you really know about Egypt? Much of what we learn in school or on the go is often wrong or partial (I can definitely say that from my own experience! :) ), so here's ten questions about Egypt to test what you know. Added bonus - even if this is the first time ever you've even heard of Ancient Egypt, there are references at the end of each question for you to read. :)

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  1. Pixabay
    Farming and homesteads
    Music, dance, singing and love
  2. Pixabay
    Amaunet and Anouke
    Bastet and Sakhmet
    Isis and Hetepet
    Neith and Nut
  3. Pixabay
    His two hounds
    A crocodile deity
    Seth and Mehen
  4. Pixabay
    He discovered the pyramids
    He found Tutankhamun
    He deciphered the Rosetta Stone, which led to deciphering the hieroglyphs

    Read more about this here.

  5. Pixabay
    Robbed Nefertiti’s tomb
    Shot up the Sphinx’s nose
    Probably caused damage, but nothing spectacular

    Contrary to popular belief, the Sphinx seems to have lost his nose due a fanatical Sufi in the 14th Century, who took offence at potential syncretic behaviour of the locals. Syncretism is when previous religions and folklore become adopted into a new one as a legitimate part of it. All religions are syncretic. You can read more about the Sphinx's nose here.

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    The first Egyptian healer
    A female pharaoh
    A great priestess
  7. Pixabay
    An invader force in the 2nd intermediate period
    The architects who designed the pyramids
    Pharaoh’s personal physicians
  8. Pixabay
    A southern portion of Nubia
    North of Congo
    A western section of Libya

    You can learn more here!

  9. Pixabay
    The Hittites
    The Egyptians
    We’re not sure, but it was probably a draw

    You can read more about the Battle of Kadesh in Nicholas Grimal, A History of Ancient Egypt, Blackwell Books: 1992, p.256.

  10. Pixabay
    1 – Hieroglyphs
    2 – Hieroglyphs and Hieratic
    4 – Hieroglyphs, Hieratic, Demotic, and Coptic


Just discovered Egypt? :)

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Much into Egypt! :)

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