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6 Centerpiece Collections To Complete Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table

What’s flooding to your mind when you come across the word Thanksgiving? Turkey dinner, cranberries, candied yams, stuffing, mashed potatoes or pumpkin pies? Wait! While eating is your first priority, setting the mood for eating so your guests get a feel of the occasion is of equal importance to spice up your meal. Your Thanksgiving table is not complete without festive decorations blessed by a season of bounty and beauty. If you're a nature lover, check the following 6 centerpiece collections to add Thanksgiving atmosphere to your table!

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The Invite of Fall--Go with Autumn Colors

Since Thanksgiving sets in a beautiful and romantic season, decorations for table witness the brilliant Fall shades of red, orange, golden and amber.

Color combination:

Red, orange, yellow accompanied by white hue.

Elements recommended:

Orange or white pumpkins or gourds, fall leaves, ilex berries, small pears, crab apples


1. White or red candles;

2. Warm hue string lights are safer and more fairy options if your have children around. Just put them in a jar mason or a vase filled with fall leaves, or spread them randomly around your centerpiece.

The Smell of Harvest--Mix Yellowish Brown with Brass

Since autumn is also a harvest season, setting a centerpiece themed by crops will definitely add the Thanksgiving spell to your table.

Color combination:

Yellowish brown, bronze and white

Elements recommended:

Wheat, unshelled nuts, grain, pinecones, branches, cotton, burlap


1. White candles with brass holders;

2. Lighted branches and pinecones or string light jar with wooden balls.

The Reminiscence of Summer--Bring Green Back

While adding autumn colors to the Thanksgiving table is the traditional way to go, bringing summer green to your centerpiece can create an unexpectedly refreshing feeling.

Color combination:

Green, light green, dark green, white accompanied by orange pink or dark purple

Elements recommended:

Green and white painted pumpkins, green leaves, succulents, green vegetables


1. White candles;

2. String light jars with green grass inside are great options to add accent lighting.

The Feast of Flowers--Try a colorful boutique

If you want to go classic, why not just make a pretty flower arrangement for your Thanksgiving centerpiece? Flowers always have the spell to make you joyful!

Color combination:

Colors of the same scheme or all kinds of colors blending together

Elements recommended:

A medium sized glass vase or a crafted pumpkin vase, colored candles, different types of flowers


Pillar candles or candle in a mason jar surrounded with flowers like lavender

The Beauty of Simplicity--Stick to White

White not only goes well with almost all the other colors, it’s also a color that can stand out on its own. If you want to add an elegant and vintage touch to your Thanksgiving table, white is the color to go.

Color combination:

White or off-white accompanied with cream, light-brown or dark-purple

Elements recommended:

Small white pumpkin, white flowers, pinecone, deer horn, small berries


White candles or small yellow glow lights

The Call of the wild--Blend with outdoor hues

If you’re lucky enough to celebrate Thanksgiving outdoor, there are lots of centerpieces you can choose from. But it’s essential to make sure that your table decors blend well with the environment.

Another important thing you need to consider for preparing an outdoor dinner is lighting decorations for both the table and the surroundings.

Centerpieces lighting:

Candles on the table or jars with candles inside hung above the table

Mood lighting for surroundings:

String lights wrapped around tree trunks or hung around fence, patio or deck.

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