34 Must-Have Items For People Obsessed With Pasta

    Consider these part of your al dente arsenal.

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    Spoiler alert: everyone loves pasta. It's just the way the world works. When matched with the perfect sauce, herbs, and oils, you really can't beat a hearty plate of starchy goodness. That's why we've hunted down the most essential, unique, and reasonably priced items that every pasta lover needs to have in their kitchen.

    Check out these picks below and get slurpin'.

    1. This boil-over splash guard, because who has the time to sit and watch something boil?

    2. This collapsible pasta drying rack that’s perfect for a crowded kitchen.

    3. This massive six-quart stock pot for when you are making enough rigatoni to feed the firehouse.

    4. This handy two-piece spadle set that might have some identity issues.

    5. This 8-inch wooden gnocchi board with all the right grooves.

    6. This chopper/scraper with precise measurements so your fettuccine strands are nice and consistent.

    7. This homemade ravioli kit, because sometimes we just need to stuff some mushrooms into pockets of dough.

    8. These stackable bamboo storage containers.

    9. This unique garlic grater that looks like a fossil.

    10. A floral 5-piece poppy round pasta set because you fancy AF.

    11. This cowboy pasta measurement tool, partner.

    12. This jumbo ravioli mold to fill with whatever your heart desires.

    13. This pasta machine with a stainless steel roller and hand crank, because obviously.

    14. This "As Seen on TV" red copper pasta pot that is instantly recognizable as seen on TV.

    15. This quirky 4-in-1 pasta tool that does all the things.

    16. A 3-piece pasta roller and cutter set attachment for your favorite KitchenAid.

    17. This stylish 5-piece nylon tool set from Rachael Ray.

    18. This Sam's Choice Italia pappardelle for when you just don't feel like starting from scratch.

    19. A Primo pasta maker that can handle literally everything.

    20. A cavetelli maker that tells everyone this ain't your first rodeo.

    21. This 2-piece stainless steel pasta basket set that you can display like a professional show-off.

    22. A very efficient dough divider to cut your prep time.

    23. Some stainless steel dumpling and ravioli dough presses.

    24. This “I Could Eat a Horse Spaghetti Noodle Pasta Measurer Tool” with no further explanation.

    25. Some retro pasta containers that prove nostalgia tastes best slathered in tomato sauce.

    26. Or if you're looking for something more straightforward, these practical pasta holders.

    27. Of course, if you like to keep it extra, this flashy one might be more suitable.

    28. An adjustable oil pourer for your sloppy, heavy-handed pours.

    29. This gorgeous stovetop and grill clay saucepan.

    30. A set of small stainless steel twisting forks.

    31. This required reading called “Truly, Madly Pasta: The Ultimate Book for Pasta Lovers”.

    32. A "grow and infuse" olive oil kit to fill your adorable DIY heart.

    33. This set of adjustable pot strainers to hack your dinner prep.

    34. A high-quality garlic keeper to house your cloves and keep your fridge stink-free.