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Heinz Just Created A Line Of Sauces By Creeping The Internet, And It’s Hilarious

Be careful what you post online...because Heinz might bring it to life.

Hey, you! Yes, you scrolling away on the internet. 👀

Think twice before you post... because "Big Ketchup" is always watching.

Especially if you are posting about CONDIMENTS!

Heinz dug deep across the entire world wide web to find your old posts in the most random corners of the internet...


An image of 3 Heinz sauce bottles with a red backdrop.

They call it crowdsauced (naturally).

First up, Hanch, a combination of hot sauce and ranch.

A bottle of Hanch sauce on a red backdrop.

And the inspiration behind this saucy creation?

Text that says "I must admit I mix hot sauce with ranch."

Next up, there's Wasabioli, a mix of wasabi and garlic aioli.

A bottle of Wasabioli sauce on a red backdrop.

What's the story behind Wasabioli?

Text that says "My lil homemade garlic + wasabi mayo was kinda delicious"

And finally there's Tarchup, a combo of tartar sauce and ketchup.

A bottle of Tarchup sauce on a red backdrop.

And who came up with this sauce?

Text that reads "Fish and chips with loads of tartar sauce and ketchup would do me just fine in this midnight hour."

Oh, and by the way, Heinz surprised each sauce creator and worked with them on their own sauce.

And now, it's time for you to try these epic sauces created from Canadians' old social posts.

Enjoy the sauces! And remember... Big Ketchup is watching.

How weird can you get with your food pairings? Share your strangest foods with Heinz on Twitter and Instagram by hashtagging #HeinzCrowdsauced.