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This Candle Range Is A Surprising Contender For 2020's Best Christmas Gift

The unexpected, humble hero of the festive season.

Allow us to set the scene: It's a matter of days 'til Christmas. You've got most of your shopping haul sorted, but there are a few missing gifts that should be snuggled beneath your tree.

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Whether it's your brother-in-law, a mate, or you favourite neighbour — there's always those leftover loved ones that you forget to sort out sooner.

And although any online gift-buying at this point may have to be given as a post-Christmas delivery, you still want to get them something that'll extend the festive season all summer long.

Which is where this epic gift bundle comes in — the Heinz Scented Candle range is the perfect Christmas gift for BBQ lovers and will ensure they get to really celebrate what makes summer so unforgettable.


You can choose from three deliciously scented candles: Beef Burger, Sausage Sizzle and Backyard BBQ. Plus, each scent comes with two ~perfectly palatable~ Heinz condiments.


Honestly, any BBQ lover would be over-the-moon to unwrap one of these bad boys!

And if you're thinking, "Hmm, not sure if it'll go with my aesthetic," you're dead wrong.


Sure, she's not your classic sandalwood or lavender-scented beauty, but when you light her up, she sings.

For anyone who lives for their next BBQ sesh, this gift will ensure they can breathe in the heady scent all year long.


And at only $20 a bundle, this is a seriously sound investment!

Grab your gift set online today and reap the gratitude from your loved ones!