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10 Donkeys Who Will Not Be Ignored Any Longer

These donkeys are kicking butt and taking names. For another little fella who adds some kick to your life, you've got to meet Lil’ Kicker.

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1. Donkeys are sick and tired of being ignored by the internet.

Richard Austin / REX USA

2. It's time to give them the respect they deserve.

3. No longer will llamas get all the attention...

4. ...or will goats dominate poor, poor donkeys.

5. No longer will donkeys be banned from professional sports.

Karine Aigner / Rex / REX USA

6. Donkeys are not just a place to put an adorable puppy!

David Caird / Newspix / Rex / REX USA

7. Nope. Not anymore.

8. Take a moment to say, "Bobby, you're great."

Peter Lomas / REX USA

9. Or, "Great teeth, Tony."

10. Back it up for a moment and respect the ba-donk-a-donk.