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The Do's And Dont's Of The Four Horsemen

Abby Kehe, Mariali Rodriguez, Neha Chitnis, Emma Collins

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1. Criticism - DON'T

When conflicts arise in your relationship, don't attack your partner in a negative way. No namecalling, yelling, or shaming.

2. Criticism - DO

Instead of using harsh statements towards your partner, acknowledge their feelings while using gentle words and statements.

3. Defensiveness - DON'T

Don't put blame on your partner just because what they said or thought doesn't match up with what you think.

4. Defensiveness - DO

Instead of placing blame on others, take responsibility for your own actions and acknowledge the thoughts of both parties.

5. Contempt - DON'T

Don't insult your partner when something doesn't go right.

6. Contempt - DO

Make sure you are communicating with your partner what your needs are, instead of just insulting them.

7. Stonewalling - DON'T

Don't disregard the problem or try to avoid it.

8. Stonewalling - DO

Face your problems head on, and always communicate.

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