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4 Random Facts That Might Help You Understand Your Child

Do you ever wonder why your child has trouble making friends? Whether or not they should use the computer? What you need to teach them at home? Here are a few answers to some of your questions.

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1. Kids tend to form cliques.


As kids, it is easy for them to form cliques and become exclusive. At this age, gossip and drama are very prominent and tend to be the factors that form these relationships as well. If you notice that your child has been excluded out of a group they were previously in, it is most probably not their fault. Children tend to switch friend groups repeatedly simply because of a desire for change.

2. Children don't see race.


It has been shown that kids actually do not see race at a young age. This is called being "color blind". This is their way of seeing everyone as equal without knowing the outside information that their environment may put into them. Children are not born racist, this is something that is instilled into them through different experiences.

3. It's not a bad thing to let your kids use the computer.


It's not a bad thing to let your kids use a computer, as long as it is monitored. Children nowadays are going to be exposed to this media at a young age whether we like it or not, so it is our job to make sure it is done right. Let your child take control of their use, but make sure you teach them how to be safe and use it correctly. Also, try and connect their education to technology. This way you feel better about this and they continue to learn.

4. Sex education is something that needs to be talked about.

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As much as this may be an uncomfortable topic to have with your child, it is necessary. It has been found that most schools do not actually teach children about the safety of sex, but rather the importance of abstinence. Most children do not end up staying abstinent, so teaching this way wouldn't be beneficial at all. It is more important to teach safety, so when it happens it is done in a safe way.

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