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    26 Things That'll Help Make Your Living Room *Extra* Cozy

    Apologies to your Friday night plans, because you're never going to want to sit in anyone else's living room again.

    Whether you're a homebody or love to entertain, it's essential that you have the comfiest living room EVER.

    1. A macrame swing that'll amp up your already super-cool living room's bohemian aesthetic.

    2. A hand-tufted geometric rug, so when you have too many friends over to watch an award show, the person stuck squatting on the floor can still be comfy.

    3. Or a super soft rug your guests will prefer to sit on instead of your couch.

    4. A chunky throw blanket that'll keep you warm and make you feel like you're cuddling with a sheep on your couch.

    5. And a basket to keep all of your blankets organized and prevent your living room from looking like there's a teenage slumber party in progress.

    6. Wallpaper that'll transform your plain old walls into something so magical you'll never want to leave your living room.

    7. A velvet accent armchair to glam up even the most boring of rooms and make you feel bad and boujee in the process.

    8. A gorgeous lantern you can fill with candles for the ultimate living room ambiance.

    9. A couch that is VERY reasonably priced and sofa-king comfortable, you'll easily be able to spend hours rewatching Game of Thrones.

    10. A soothing candle inspired by cozy nights at home, perfect for staying lit while you stay in on a Friday night.

    11. Or a Homesick candle, in case you recently moved and want to make your new living room feel familiar.

    12. A set of metal planters you can hang on the wall that are so jaw-droppingly beautiful, anyone who visits your home is sure to ~dig~ them.

    13. A pair of blackout curtains, so you'll never have to worry about that annoying glare the sun projects onto the TV during a mid-day movie marathon.

    14. A barrel chair you can curl up in like a cat and feel surrounded by warmth.

    15. A leather recliner that'll not only give you an identical massage to the one you get while getting a pedicure, but will also swivel 360 degrees!

    16. A velvet throw pillow, so you can feel fun and fancy-free every time you flop down on your couch for a Netflix marathon.

    17. Or a magical reversible pillow with none other than Jeff Goldblum's face on it, for a living room decoration that's as smooth as his jazz album.

    18. An illustrated coffee table book that feels like a love letter to books, perfect for adding to your accent table to make your living room feel extra homey.

    19. And this wooden coffee table, so you have a place to display those heartwarming books and soothing candles of yours.

    20. Speckled votives that'll have you singing "these are a few of my favoooorite things."

    21. A lamp that recreates the feeling of natural sunlight, so you can fight those winter blues without having to take a tropical vacation.

    22. A memory-foam chair that's so comfortable, your furry friends will happily join you for a snuggle sesh.

    23. Or a plush floor pillow, for a seating option that'll look classy but still serve its ultra comfortable purpose.

    24. A professionally framed gallery wall, so everyone who visits your home will be convinced you have an ~eye for design~.

    25. A mermaid tail blanket you'll want to make ~part of your world~.

    26. And a fake fireplace can actually add warmth to your living room, because who WOULDN'T want that!?

    Are you going to spend the rest of the year lounging in your cozy living room?

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