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    38 Things All '90s Kids Should Have In Their Lives

    Pop your CD of "Spice World" into your boombox and let's DO THIS THANG.

    1. Spice Girls vinyl decals you can apply to wine glasses, perfect for the group of friends who was forever arguing over who got to be Baby Spice for Halloween.

    2. An original Tamagotchi you'll be WAY more equipped to take care of now that you're somewhat of an adult...I hope,=,

    3. A Lion King VHS case replica journal that'll take you right back to 1994 when you first started ~workin' on your roar~.

    4. A Caboodle to store all of your precious jewels just like you did back in the day when your prized possession was a 25-cent ring out of a vending machine.

    5. Madden Girl sandals that may trigger some painful memories of tripping and falling on your face because you were WAY too uncoordinated to be struttin' your stuff in backless wedges (No? Just me? OK, cool).

    6. A fanny pack you can wear to a music festival, Disney World, or anywhere you simply want to live your best hands-free life.

    7. A Lisa Frank–inspired tumbler that'll have you reminiscing on all those dope folders and notebooks you used to beg your parents for while Back to School shopping.

    8. Velvet scrunchies to wear on your wrist as an accessory or use to rock the ultimate '90s-styled high-pony. The choice is yours.

    9. A Parent Trap T-shirt so you can always remember the moment Hallie and Annie discovered they were both born on October 11th and were "like twins!"

    10. Or a Camp Walden tee, in case you want to DRESS like the infamous twins before they actually swapped places.

    11. Classic tattoo chokers that'll complete any '90s look you put together in honor of one of the greatest fashion eras of our time (HA!).

    12. Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch. It might not be like the classic system you used to fight your siblings over, but it DOES have the capability to let you build your own '90s-style courses!

    13. A T-shirt that'll make you want to crank up Tom Jones' "It's Not Unusual" and break out your best Carlton Banks impression.

    14. Doc Martens, because you can't go wrong with a tried-and-true '90s classic.

    15. A 1990's puzzle you and your siblings will love working on together while ~piecing together~ foggy memories from your childhood.

    16. A mini dress I'm 100% positive Posh would've stowed away on the Spice World bus in case of a fashion emergency.

    17. A 6-in-1 ballpoint pen with colors you can switch with just one click! If you didn't break it trying to get multiple colors to press down at once, did you even grow up in the '90s?

    18. Or a Rugrats mug to perfectly pay tribute to Angelica's sidekick Cynthia. She is an ENTIRE mood.

    19. A bathing suit inspired by the classic '90s jazz print. Can't put your finger on where you've seen this design? DIXIE CUPS, PEOPLE!

    20. Assorted butterfly clips that'll add pizzazz to your standard hairstyle — just like they did on 7th grade picture day.

    21. Holographic body glitter, so you can flawlessly replicate that I-just-dipped-my-entire-life-in-glitter look you had going for you for the majority of the decade.

    22. A Toy Story Alien pin to transport your jean jacket flair right back to 1995 (where it probably belongs).

    23. A bulk order of Ring Pops that'll let you jokingly propose to all of your friends the same way you used to during recess. Fingers crossed someone says YES.

    24. A Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century greeting card you can send to a friend who needs a laugh or pin up as decoration in your cubicle.

    25. A bundle of Beanie Babies that'll take you back to the days you tried SO HARD to collect them all but couldn't get your hands on the special edition Princess Diana bear.

    26. Friendship bracelets inspired by the ultimate heart throbs of the '90s — The Backstreet Boys. Prepare to have "I Want It That Way" stuck in your head for a month.

    27. Or 72 slap bracelets you can share with everyone in your life for a fun reminder of how masochistic but stylish y'all were in the '90s.

    28. A Ross Gellar sticker of him in his iconic "Frankie Say Relax" tee. This is a must-have for any Friends fanatic who likes to brag about watching the series in real time and not just through Netflix binges.

    29. Breathable bird's nest–inspired flats you'll want to tweet about ASAP because they remind you of your childhood.

    30. A *timeless* Mickey Mouse watch any true fan would've picked up at The Disney Store back in the day.

    31. A '90s-themed coloring book that'll have you sassily snapping in Z-formation while you choose whether to color a Ring Pop red or blue.

    32. A TLC graphic tee to help achieve a flawless "retro" look at your next '90s night.

    33. A Bulbasaur Funko Pop that'll keep you company on the Pokémon journey you've been on since 1997.

    34. A Clueless poster to honor the great Cher Horowitz and her impeccable '90s fashion.

    35. A Kurt Cobain tee you can layer with a oversized flannel or a plaid mini skirt to give off '90s grunge vibes.

    36. Or a surprisingly cute '90s-inspired boyfriend short overalls, because everyone loves a trendy throwback.

    37. A T-shirt that'll ~spice up~ both your life and your wardrobe with a touch of flair from your favorite girl group. Can I get a "zig-a-zig-ah?"

    38. And a magical 8 ball, because how else are you going to decide which item to buy first?

    You, after spending all your money on '90s products instead of rent:

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