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    29 Stores Featuring PayPal So You Won't Have To Search For Your Credit Card Before Checkout

    And, yes, I did list them in alphabetical order for you.

    I don't know about you, but half the reason I've spent an obscene amount of money via Amazon over the years is because it's always been a cinch to check out — no hassle whatsoever!

    I recently realized there are SO MANY online retailers that accept PayPal and basically provide the exact same seamless checkout experience. Which means it's about time I broadened my horizons and you may just want to as well. So, to help us both out, I've rounded up some retailers where you and I can use PayPal to continue to make a slew of impulse buys with ease 😉.

    1. Adidas, perfect for when you've grown tired of working out in sneakers that are a few steps away from having holes in 'em.

    a pair of white sneakers with tan accents

    2. Albany Park, where you'll be able to find a couch that flawlessly coordinates with the vintage chairs you picked up without any hassle.

    a velvet blue couch

    3. AllSaints will be there to help you add some *edge* to your wardrobe with investment-worthy pieces you'll never tire of wearing.

    4. American Eagle, a must-shop for anyone who is planning to stock up on super soft basics and denim. I won't tell anyone that you've been wearing the same white tee for a few too many years, I promise.

    addison rae in a white oversize tee and jeans

    5. Anthropologie, which you'll be able to turn to when you need to check out ~fast~ but also buy a variety of items from clothing and home decor to stylish accessories and candles.

    6. Article, for anyone who has been wanting to give their home a refresh but has been wayyyyy too lazy to actually get off their butt and head to a furniture store.

    a blush pink daybed

    7. Asos, because autumn will be here before you know it and you'll definitely want to refresh your chilly weather wardrobe.

    8. Bath & Body Works, which you probably already spend hours perusing debating *just* how many "Leaves" candles you'll need to get through fall. Add 'em all (and then some) to your cart and let's do the damn thing.

    9. BaubleBar, with *so* many pretty pieces of jewelry and an extremely simple checkout process that'll make curating a new arm stack easier than ever (and really fun!).

    10. Bed Threads, a luxurious Aussie linen brand that'll help you find the comfortable bedding you've only imagined existing in your dreams.

    11. Boohoo, AKA the perfect destination to *get your shop on* without breaking the bank. Cute formal dresses? Check. Comfy clothes for fall? Check, check. Enjoy your shopping spree!

    a model in an oversized green and white flannel

    12. BoxLunch, a fantastic place to pick up anything your nerdy, fandom-obsessed heart wishes to own. Merch from Marvel, Disney, Studio Ghibli, Pokémon, and so many more are waiting to be discovered!

    13. Cara Cara, where you'll find yourself scrolling again and again because their products are so darn stunning and playful.

    14. Chewy, for when your doggo inevitably tears up all of their toys and you desperately need a replacement (and fast!) so you can attempt to have some peace and quiet.

    a hide and seek plush puzzle toy of cinderella's carriage, gus gus, jaques, and a glass slipper

    15. Etsy, because why shouldn't small businesses be able to get in on all the easy-checkout fun??? You can explore tons of shops filled with handcrafted items and order 'em without having to leave your bed. Win-win.

    a tiny book shop cart pin

    16. Evil Queen, a must-have for anyone looking to freshen-up their candle collection with ones that smell incredible and feature sassy sayings on them. They also make amazing gifts!

    a dark blue wax candle with a label on it that says "stolen hoodie"

    17. For the Love of Pixie Dust, where you can snag your own personalized Disney Starbucks tumbler. An essential purchase for anyone who can be found daydreaming about walking down Main Street USA with an iced coffee at any given moment.

    18. Free People, so you'll never have to get up and search for your wallet before splurging on a new wardrobe again.

    19. Glossier, because it's already hard enough to pick out the perfect shade of lipstick or foundation. You shouldn't also have to fret about entering your credit card number for the umpteenth time.

    20. J. Crew Factory, where you can easily buy outfits for you and your kids without having to drag them in and out of dressing rooms — talk about convenience.

    21. Madewell, because where else can you buy straight-leg jeans that'll look like the ones your mom rocked in the '90s but she so selfishly forgot to save for you?

    a model in straight leg light wash ripped jeans

    22. Mane Club, their smoothing hair mask (and tons of other lovely products) will be the perfect addition to your at-home spa night and leave your hair looking moisturized and healthy for all of your upcoming activities.

    a pink packet of 5-in-1 deep conditioner with a fun font on it that says "babe alert"

    23. The Novogratz, so after stressing over which couch to buy for weeks and weeks you won't have to go through the painful process of actually grabbing your credit card to make the purchase.

    a modern couch in mustard yellow

    24. Petal & Pup, because fall is right around the corner and you and I both know you've been building a virtual cart you've been hesitating to just go ahead and buy. This is your sign — do it!

    25. Sephora, which you can always count on to help you restock your makeup bag in a flash (the painless checkout situation is an added bonus).

    26. ShopDisney, so you'll be able to buy all of the magical decor, clothing, and stuffed animals your heart desires without having to physically carry it all home.

    27. Tumble, a small business inspired by the art of tumbling jewelry (duh) that'll make you want to give yourself an accessory makeover. I personally think you should go for it.

    a model wearing a gold necklace with a charm of a heart

    28. The Woobles, a precious small business that sells the cutest crochet kits you'll ever see. Add your favorite (or three) to your cart, checkout, and just wait for the DIY fun to arrive.

    a tiny green crocheted dinosaur

    29. Urban Outfitters, where you'll have the pleasure of shopping for all kinds of cool threads, quirky gifting options, and beauty products. To think they said we couldn't have it all!

    My credit card, knowing I'm about to shop a whole of a lot faster using PayPal to check out:

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