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    31 Pieces Of Jewelry That Are Shining, Shimmering, Splendid

    These items will *take you wonder by wonder*.

    1. A dainty gold band filled with cubic zirconia stars you can count on to shine night or day. It'll look simply stunning paired with your other baubles.

    2. Pineapple earrings that'll make a statement whether you're lounging by the pool with piña colada in hand, or typing away furiously in your cubicle.

    3. A set of 29 earrings for the indecisive fashionista who likes to mix up their dazzling jewels every day.

    4. A bedazzled stackable ring you can use to subtly add a little shimmer 'n' shine to your daily baubles.

    5. A slimmed down version of BaubleBar's famous Alidia ring that'll glimmer in the sun and intrduce a pop of color to your digits.

    6. A baguette cut simulated morganite necklace to add subtle sparkle to your everyday style.

    7. Ear crawlers featuring a slew of sparkly studs you can use to create the illusion of having multiple piercings without the permanence of actually doing it.

    8. Or a stunning pair of hoops that'll act like a cuff and hug right onto your ear — no extra unwanted space!

    9. A lightning strike charm necklace to light up your accessory game like the sky during a summer thunderstorm.

    10. A set of nine lotus-inspired earrings for the look of a cuff but the feel of a simple stud.

    11. A truly dazzling rhinestone choker that'll make you feel as glamorous as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

    12. Or an evil eye necklace you can wear to bring on alllllll the good vibes and protect you as you go about your day.

    13. A triangular opal necklace for a subtle shimmer that'll go with all of your outfits.

    14. Oversized druzy studs you can easily wear every single day and still get showered in compliments.

    15. Celestial drop earrings that'll have you seeing stars upon first glance of yourself in the mirror.

    16. A beaded necklace you can also wear as a wrap bracelet, choker, or anklet so it'll basically be like buying four pieces of jewelry.

    17. Tiny dew drop earrings that'll sparkle in your lobes the same way delicate droplets dazzle in the morning sun.

    18. Stackable eternity bands, so sparkly they'll make you want to jump around and perform the "Single Ladies" dance like Beyoncé.

    19. Or a pavé ear cuff to help you switch around your earring look without the pain of an extra piercing. You're SO welcome!

    20. A leafy ear crawler that can be worn a bunch of different ways, making it one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry you'll own.

    21. A crystal fishnet bracelet you'll want to roll up your sleeves for and make sure everyone in your vicinity gets a good look at its beauty.

    22. Tortoiseshell earrings with rhinestone accents that'll bring some shimmer to a typically neutral piece of jewelry.

    23. An Evil Queen–inspired ring of a heart with a dagger through it to add some dazzling darkness to your jewelry collection.

    24. Glitter stud earrings from Kate Spade that'll make every day feel like a celebration.

    25. A simple bracelet with subtle crystal detailing you can wear on its own or stack with your other favorites.

    26. A chic Apple Watch band you'd find next to the dictionary definition of "shining, shimmering, splendid" alongside Jasmine and Aladdin.

    27. A Kate Spade crystal hinge bangle that'll bring the perfect amount of sparkle 'n' shine to your arm party.

    28. A bedazzled necklace you'll find is *chef's kiss* perfect for layering with other ones for some added pizzazz.

    29. Round-cut halo studs, so sparkly your coworkers will need to shield their eyes when you saunter into the office.

    30. A sequin-covered band you'll love for the way it quietly brings some bling into your jewelry lineup.

    31. And two-tiered drop earrings encrusted with pavé can make the mouths of everyone who you walk past ~drop~ open — yes, they're that stunning.

    You after trying on your new jewels for the first time:

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