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    42 Light And Summery Pieces For Anyone Who's Just Too Damn Hot

    There's gotta be at least one article of clothing you won't sweat through living in this post.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A perfectly purple maxi that just looks like it would make you feel easy and breezy even when the summer weather is nothing but that.

    a model wearing a lavender maxi dress while at a picnic

    2. Frayed denim shorts that'll help you duplicate Jessica Simpson's memorable look from The Dukes of Hazzard while keeping your cool.

    3. A flared skater skirt to make you feel like Tara Lipinski mid-routine despite the fact that you're completely uncoordinated.

    4. A cropped baby tee that says "HEY, LOOK AT ME!" while also revealing a little skin. Don't forget to put some sunblock on that exposed strip!

    a model in a green baby tee with a ruffled hem

    5. A high-neck spaghetti strap number you can dress up with glitzy accessories for a fabulous look that won't leave you feeling overheated.

    6. Cotton drawstring shorts to throw on over a bathing suit for a simple but put-together beach look.

    a model wearing the shorts in light tan with their hands in the pockets

    7. A two-piece set that'll make getting dressed the easiest decision you make all day. This outfit has serious heading-to-dinner-after-lying-by-the-beach-all-day vibes.

    8. A tiered ruffled midi-dress, for anyone who constantly finds themselves sweating (and praying for the start of autumn) but still wants to make it *seem* like they enjoy summertime.

    a model in a bright green tank dress with ruffled sleeves and a tiered skirt

    9. A cotton T-shirt you can pair with lightweight shorts for an easily put together summer outfit.

    10. A scoop neck tank, perfect for showing off that awesome tan you've been working on (or magically got just walking back and forth to the store because it's SO FREAKIN' HOT).

    11. A gingham frock with tiers that'll give ol' Dorothy's classic jumper a run for its money.

    A model in the above-the-knee light blue and white dress

    12. Basic gym shorts for when the weather is just so unbearable you can't even bother getting truly dressed.

    13. A lightweight crop top to complete your it's-too-hot-to-get-dressed style.

    14. A chic dress with puffy sleeves that'll help you achieve your Bridgerton style goals without overheating.

    a model in a short tee dress with puffy cap sleeves and a yellow floral pattern

    15. A wrap dress that'll have you looking so ~chill~ no one will think twice about the fact it's 100 degrees outside once they catch a glimpse of you struttin' your stuff.

    16. A floral sundress you can count on to brighten your wardrobe and your mood all the while keeping you cool (three cheers for lightweight jersey material!).

    a model in a yellow sundress with white flowers on it and thin straps

    17. A matching crop top and shorts set that'll make getting dressed a breeze even when there isn't an actual ounce of a real breeze in the thick, humid, awful, summer air. Yuck, but at least you'll look like a 10/10.

    a model in a red crop top and shorts with white florals on it

    18. A dress starring thin straps that cross in the back for an unexpected sexy ~look~ you won't sweat in because it's super breathable.

    19. A high-waisted pleated skirt you'll want to twirl around in like Beyoncé on her haters... to generate a breeze because, let's face it, it's hotter than hell.

    20. High-waisted bike shorts to take your chill Princess Diana–style vibe into another season — I'd like to think she'd approve of her classic look being given a pastel treatment.

    21. A romantic cottagecore number that, while it looks fancy and mesmerizing, is actually super lightweight and comfortable for a variety of seasons.

    Off-the-shoulder light-green dress with puffy sleeves and a sheer overlay with embroidered flowers on it

    22. A tulip-hemmed sheath dress that'll look so chic with those new shoes you just picked up. Don't you just love an outfit you can wear with sneakers, sandals, or boots?

    23. A floral romper featuring an open-back design to ensure your skin has some breathing room on the hottest day of the year — you're welcome.

    24. A tank with an edgy neckline to make you feel ~cool~ in both senses of the word

    25. A tube top and skirt set you'll love because it's flowy, summery, and essentially everything you'd want in a chic seasonal outfit.

    26. A tee made for proud introverts, because no one should be ashamed. We should all embrace that side of ourselves — crack open a book, turn on Netflix, and just STAY INSIDE when it's hot. So glorious.

    A model wearing a white tee with a graphic illustration of "introvert" in rainbow colors

    27. An oceanic tee to ~make some waves~ in your wardrobe and make you want to pick up and move to an isolated beach town.

    28. A ruffled miniskirt you can wear to show off a lil' leg — it is summer, after all.

    29. A skirt with vintage vibes, because I know you've been dying to replicate Midge Maisel's impeccable style from that summer vacay her fam took to the Catskills.

    30. A Disney-inspired tee featuring a reference to melting ice cream, because I honestly can't think of anything more appropriate to wear during a heat wave / while running around in the too-hot Florida sun at the Magic Kingdom.

    31. A mini wrap dress featuring boho vibes you can keep on deck for the hottest day of the year.

    32. A flirty dress with a tie front and spaghetti straps you'll love so much that you'll want it in every single color.

    33. A cute tank with scallop details, in case the thought of wearing sleeves during the summer makes you wanna scream.

    34. A casual T-shirt dress you can buy in every color and wear as your summer uniform. Who wants to try and put an outfit together when it feels like their brain is melting? NOT ME.

    35. Teva Hurricane Drift Sandals you'll find to be as comfortable as they are cute — get 'em in the mustard yellow color for an extra pop you didn't know your summer outfits needed.

    36. Pull-on denim shorts for when it's so hot the thought of having to deal with a zipper or buttons (gasp!) seems simply impossible.

    a model in pull on denim shorts