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    19 Wonderful Kitchen-Related Stocking Stuffers You Can Get At Walmart

    You're sure to find some of these gadgets a-peeling for the holidays.

    What makes a perfect stocking stuffer? IMHO it should be something small in size, inexpensive, and make the recipient smile. What fits the bill better than kitchen gadgets and treats?!

    1. A stainless steel tumbler to keep your roomie's high-quality coffee hot for six hours.

    2. A 19-piece kitchen utensil set that will have any stocking overflowing with cooking excitement.

    3. A marble cheese slicer and snacking set for your friend who insists on putting together a cheese platter for every occasion.

    4. A floral oven mitt and pot holder set that will brighten up the kitchen and prevent your clumsy cooking buddy from burning themselves...again.

    5. A handheld grater, so your friend can painlessly shred cheese, chocolate, or whatever else their heart desires.

    6. A tortilla bowl mold that will take Taco Tuesday to places you and your roomie never dreamed of.

    7. A cocoa and mug set for the two people in your life who are always down for s'more sweet treats.

    8. A pair of heat-resistant mitts that your friend who is constantly raving about their Instant Pot meals will simply gush over.

    9. A collection of miniature hot sauces, perfect for that coworker who is always suggesting you "spice up your life."

    10. A solid can opener that literally anyone you gift this to will use on the daily.

    11. A personalized, color-changing mug for your mom, who can't get enough of you and your siblings.

    12. A colorful measuring cup and spoon set, so maybe (just maybe!) you can convince grandma to write down exact measurements instead of suggested "a pinch of this" or a "handful of that" in her famous cookie recipe.

    13. A package of gourmet green tea that can be divided up amongst your fam's stockings so everyone has something to sip on this winter.

    14. A mini herb saver for the home gardener who insists it's about ~thyme~ we all grow our own seasonings.

    15. A mason jar that your BFF who loves nothing more than prepping overnight oats will be delighted to find in their stocking.

    16. A colorful kitchen gadget for your friend who likes to take whisks on new recipes.

    17. A banana-slicing tool that is so easy to use even a monkey (or your friend that's only minimally capable in the kitchen) could do it.

    18. A five-piece soup gift set, so your favorite homebody will be prepared for the next time they get snowed in.

    19. And a pineapple corer for the lucky person in your life who likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.

    Happy holidays, shoppers!

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