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We hope you love our recommendations! Some may have been sent as samples, but all were independently selected by our editors. Just FYI, BuzzFeed and its publishing partners may collect a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page.

Just 29 Cute Products From Black-Owned Businesses

Good luck trying to resist buying 10 smiley face bracelets.

1. A Bridgerton-inspired palette that'll ensure you always emulate the *~diamond of the season~* whether you're attending the social event of the season or heading out to a casual brunch with your pals.

the bridgerton-inspired makeup palette with six different shades

2. A botanical art print, in case you want some florals in your living room but don't want to put a plant's life at risk (my track record isn't great, I wouldn't blame you).

a minimalist piece of art of tulips

3. A blush colored satin scrunchie that'll make you feel like a ballerina even though you and I both know you'll be using it to tame your messy bun.

a model holding a handful of satin blush scrunchies

4. A trio of longwear liquid lipsticks from Fenty in bottles that look as fierce as Rihanna herself. You'll definitely turn some heads the next time you pull one of these out of your purse to reapply.

5. A dainty initial necklace you'll likely find yourself wearing day in and day out — it'll coordinate so nicely with your go-to jewels you'll never want to take it off!

a model wearing a gold necklace with a "w" charm filled with crystals

6. Iconic sticker sheets starring some of your favorite ladies — your laptop and water bottle are about to receive the makeover of their lives.

7. A too-cute smiley face bracelet that's *totally* in right now and will likely become your favorite accessory.

a model wearing a stack of different colored smiley face bracelets

8. A snuggly and stylish scarf to keep you warm and properly accessorized on the coldest of winter days.

a model in a teal green scarf with a white pattern throughout

9. Whimsical crescent moon pens that'll make you *want* to take handwritten notes in class or start jotting down an actual to-do list instead of typing it up on your computer.

four different colored moon-shaped toppers on pens

10. Makeup Scientist Cosmetics "Sodium Fine" Eyeshadow Palette (hehehe) you'll find yourself *experimenting* with so often you'll probably have to order another.

11. A candle that "smells like a hug," is scented like rainwater, lavender, vanilla bean, and bourbon, and will be there for you after your next good cry (we all could use one now and then).

a glossy candle with a blue label on it and the words "after a good cry" in light blue bubble letters

12. A trio of uniquely flavored hot sauces you can count on to *spice up your life* and every meal of the day — not to mention the packaging is goooorgeous.

three bottles of different hot sauce

13. A splurge-worthy handbag with a fabulous twisted handle you'll love mixing and matching with all of your favorite outfits.

a model holding a blue snakeskin bag with a triangular flap and a twisted handle

14. A throw blanket that'll make a statement in your home decor while also ensuring you're nice 'n' cozy this winter.

a blanket with blackberries and leaves on it with a boarder that says "the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice"

15. A lavender faux-croc print Macbook laptop cover and coordinating iPhone cover for anyone who appreciates a matchy-matchy moment.

16. Fuzzy pumps with Cher and Dionne vibes you won't be able to resist adding to your ever-growing shoe collection.

a pair of fuzzy pink slide-on shoes with a peep toe and a block heel

17. Studded sunglasses that'll leave you looking *~cooler than cool~* anytime you wear 'em.

circle sunglasses with two rhinestones on the rims of each frame

18. Gummy bear stud earrings you might need a reminder not to accidentally snack on — they are so freakin' cute and will look even cuter living happily on your earlobes.

three sets of gummy bear earrings in blue, yellow, and purple

19. An Africa-shaped fanny pack that'll jazz up any of your outfits and leave you showered in compliments. You can also rock it as a crossbody bag!

model wearing the black fanny pack that's shaped like the continent of Africa

20. A pink satin robe with dramatic lace sleeves to give you the Main Character energy you've been dreaming about.

a model in a pink satin robe with black lace sleeve accents

21. A Luv Scrub mesh body exfoliator with so many uses you'll want to spend more time in the tub than ever before. You can use this unique piece of material to dry brush your skin, exfoliate with your fave body wash, and remove ingrown hairs. Added bonus? Its fun color will add an extra *pop* to your bathroom.

the luv scrub in a bunch of different colors

22. A contour palette disguised as an old school composition notebook that'll leave you feeling nostalgic and looking fabulous. It even has an explainer for precisely how to correctly contour!

23. A Disney-inspired backpack that won't scream "I'm obsessed with Mickey Mouse!" but will definitely catch the eye of fellow Disney Adults who wish they were strolling down Main Street in Magic Kingdom.

24. A zodiac card charm necklace, so whenever someone asks you the age old question "what's your sign?" you can simply point at your necklace — not to mention it'll look fantastic when layered with other pieces you already own.

a circle of necklaces with rectangular charms that each depict a zodiac sign

25. A pair of high-waisted leggings that should only be referred to as "pretty in pink." These beauties are such a fun color and are also made of a breathable, moisture-wicking material that'll make 'em great for working out.

26. Shampoo and conditioner in eye-catching packaging that'll actually make you more motivated to hop in the shower and wash your hair (a daunting task for us all, IMO).

two tubes of shampoo and conditioner with bright orange and yellow stripes on each

27. A spooktacular handmade pet bed, a must-have for anyone who prefers to celebrate Halloween 24/7 instead of just one measly month out of the year. I can totally see Jack Skellington getting one of these for Zero.

a small pup in a handmade donut dog bed covered in a spider print

28. One-of-a-kind thrifted items all from Black-owned boutiques — everyone in your life will be begging to know where you find such gems!

29. And a pretty-in-pink K-Cup coffee maker for anyone who prefers to pop in a pod of their choosing, press a single button and enjoy their caffeine ASAP. Not to mention the machine itself is adorable.

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