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    39 Accessories You Need If You're Obsessed With Disney

    🎶I can show you the woooorld of shining, shimmering accessories.🎶

    As someone who feels the magic of Disney deep in her soul (too much?) I know the extreme importance of having the most dazzling Walt-approved accessories.

    1. A Minnie Mouse donut pin that is sure to make you smile just as much as biting into an actual frosted treat (...maybe).

    2. A lightsaber tie, so you can feel the force even when you're stuck plugging away at your stuffy desk job.

    3. A Haunted Mansion fanny pack you'll need to hide from the Hitchhiking Ghosts because they'll want one too.

    4. A pair of Pizza Planet slippers, so you can channel your inner Sid while owning your friends in video games.

    5. A Mary Poppins bubble umbrella that is practically perfect in every way.

    6. A pair of Minnie Mouse-inspired hair ties, so you can rock her classic dots without suffering from the inevitable headache you'd get from wearing actual an ear headband.

    7. A hunger-inducing phone case decorated with all the greatest sweet treats Disney Parks have to offer.

    8. A set of delicate bangles with Walt Disney quotes etched into them that you'll want to show off to all of your Mickey-loving pals.

    9. A VHS case clutch bag featuring Disney classics like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and Hercules.

    10. A Winnie the Pooh scrunchie that will transport you back to your childhood and take your basic high pony to the next level.

    11. A set of socks featuring The Fab Five (no, not Jonathan and Tan France — the other Fab Five).

    12. A 101 Dalmatians-inspired passport holder and luggage tag that will accompany you when you travel with your pup.

    13. A Fantasia patch, to bring some old-school Disney magic to that denim jacket of yours.

    14. A Mickey and Minnie pendant necklace that will inspire you to find a love as special as theirs (awww!).

    15. A dad hat embroidered with Sleeping Beauty Castle, because when you wish upon a star I know this is what you're hoping for.

    16. A stainless steel Rapunzel-inspired water bottle to have you saying "at last I see the light" about how important drinking H2O all day is.

    17. A neon tote bag with Ariel's iconic silhouette on it that you're going to want as ~part of your world~ immediately.

    18. A Cinderella carriage charm bracelet so pretty you'll think a Fairy Godmother made it just for you.

    19. A pair of Mary Poppins Returns rain boots that can only be described as supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

    20. A Wall-E keychain, because you'll love him so much you'll never lose track of where he is (and thus, never misplace your keys again!).

    21. A set of Grumpy cufflinks, so you can show off how you really feel about getting dressed up for your second cousin's wedding that your mom forced you to attend.

    22. A pair of chic Minnie sneakers that will definitely put some extra pep in your step.

    23. A phone ring holder shaped like Mickey, so you can keep a good grip on your device but make it ~magical~.

    24. A pair of classic Ray-Ban sunglasses with a Disney twist to make you look cooler than ever.

    25. A Beauty and the Beast-inspired pin that will encourage you to live your best life.

    26. A Jack Skellington bow tie, so you can exclaim, "I AM the Pumpkin King" and have the accessory to back it up.

    27. A mini Dumbo backpack that's perfect for you if it's been years but you're still crying over "Baby Mine."

    28. A dainty Minnie Mouse ring so gorg you'll want to show it off to all the Disneyphiles in your life.

    29. A dreamy Disney Princess tote that you'll be able to fit all the essentials in during your next adventure (to Disneyland or elsewhere!).

    30. A pair of rose-gold Minnie Mouse ears, because if you don't already own a pair of these WHAT KIND OF DISNEY FAN ARE YOU?!

    31. An "I can go the distance" Hercules patch that will motivate you to go that extra mile (either metaphorically or IRL).

    32. A set of Ursula-themed temporary tattoos, so you can really take your appreciation for the greatest sea witch of our time to the next level.

    33. A set of villainous tech stickers, because even your laptop should show off your appreciation for the dark side of Disney.

    34. A Mickey-shaped USB charger that will fit on your keys, so you'll never be without a full battery again.

    35. A pair of Mickey Beats Solo3 wireless headphones that will let you jam out to "Let It Go" hands-free.

    36. A Mickey Mouse watch to help you keep track of time while paying tribute to the most iconic Disney character of them all.

    37. A pair of enchanted earrings featuring Chip and a magical rose that any Beauty and the Beast fan will adore.

    38. A Spaceship Earth pin, a must-have addition to the jean jacket of any Epcot-lover.

    39. And a pair of Toy Story-themed block heels to take your Disney accessory game to "infinity and beyond!"

    You, admiring your new *~magical~* Disney accessories:

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