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    23andMe Is 50% Off For Prime Day, In Case You've Been Wanting To Get In Touch With Your Roots

    Get ready to dive into all kinds of new facts about yourself.

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    Hi, hello! I'm Heather and thanks to 23andMe's health and ancestry service I can truthfully explain to people why I simply can't stomach the soapy taste of cilantro (and much, much more). Keep it out of my guac, OK!?

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    ^ Actual footage of me eating something with cilantro in it.

    More importantly, *you* can also use 23andMe to discover all kinds of new facts about your health and your ancestral history — it's 50% off right now for Prime Day, so you best jump on this incredible deal ASAP.

    the 23andMe kit next to a phone with the app open

    Essentially, all you have to do is order the kit, spit into the provided tube, pop it in the mail, then wait a few weeks for your results to be virtually delivered.


    Seriously, it's as simple as that. I speak from experience, as I ordered my 23andMe kit back in 2014 when it was pretty new to to the market. It's been so exciting to receive updates over the years as the company has been able to dive deeper and discover new things about my DNA. When I first got my results I was able to view my various ancestry backgrounds (I'm Irish, Norwegian, Polish, and Russian), but as time went on and their research became more extensive, I can now view the exact county in Ireland that my ancestors likely derive from!

    You'll have a blast digging into your personalized results and sharing them with your family and friends — so much so that you might want to consider ordering it as a gift for someone in your life as well!

    Heather Braga / BuzzFeed

    I had too much fun showing my parents and sisters how accurate my results were (as seen above, I'm more likely to move around during my sleep which makes complete sense because I toss and turn *all night*) but also appreciated being able to get a heads up on some potential health conditions my body may be predisposed to based on my genetics. Additionally, I gifted a kit to my husband last year to see what his carrier results looked like in preparation for when we may want to have children someday. Of course, these results aren't the be-all and end-all when it comes to information — you should definitely still check in with a doctor if you're concerned about health issues. However, using 23andMe was an interesting way to get more info about my body and how it works in general!

    I'm not the only one who had a great experience with my 23andMe kit. Over 21,000 people took the time to leave a 5-star review and share their exciting findings:

    a reviewer's kit

    "Decided to buy these as a stocking stuffer for my wife and I for Christmas in 2018. The amount of information is incredible, for one of the sections connects you with anyone who shares your DNA, it could be second to fifth cousins, aunts, uncles or anyone in your family or DNA related that has taken this test. It builds a data section for your DNA relatives. That's where I found out I had a 21-year-old son...he had taken the test to figure out who he was, not realizing I had taken it also! I was able to reach out to him through the app and it was amazing to meet him! Therefore, if you were a wild guy like myself in your early've been warned :) We now have a great relationship and I'm a proud father of 4!" —Lights0ut303

    "Found out some critical information that absolutely revolutionized my diet and expectations of sleep and exercise. Tremendous positive and unexpected impact on general well-being with knowledge of simple and important details that made a big difference. Highly recommend." —Michigan Momkat

    "Simple to use, spit in a bottle, ship it out with the included mailer and wait for your results. No issues with the product, everything went smoothly and before I knew it I getting to know my cousin that lives 7,000 km away (4,300 miles) that we had no idea that either of us existed. I would recommend this to anyone interested in genealogy or if you for some reason do not know much about your family. You might get a nice surprise." —H.Thor

    Want to get in on the fun? You can score 23andMe for 50% off right now for Prime Day, making it only $99 (it's usually $199!). Discover various health traits, ancestry, all kinds of interesting DNA-related research, and more just by spittin' in a tube!


    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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