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12 Journalists We'd Love To Grab A Beer With

They're the mouthpieces of the world. And some of them happen to be people we'd love to get a drink (or food!) with. For more awesome journalists you'd love to meet, check out the premiere of VICE, April 5th on HBO.

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1. Brian Williams

John W. Ferguson / Getty Images

Sure, Brian Williams has plenty of news credibility; he hosts Rock Center and is the anchor/managing editor of the NBC Night News. But he also made regular 30 Rock appearances and delivers news with a sharp enough tongue to merit a segment on The Soup.

4. Shane Smith


Co-founder and CEO of VICE, this journalist/web entrepreneur owns a mountain in Costa Rica and a pub in London, (equally chill places to hang). But you're more likely to find him covering a story anywhere from Russia to Iran.

6. Matt Taibbi

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

He's a contributing editor for Rolling Stone, covering everything from politics to sports, but a satirical column he wrote for the New York Press cost him and the editor who published it their jobs. It's the type of controversy that would make for some interesting beer talk.

10. SuChin Pak

Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images

When MTV still focused on music, Pak interviewed everyone from *NSYNC to Fred Durst for the network's daily news show. A drink with this journalist would allow for hours of reminiscing to happen.