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17 Reasons Bill Compton Is The Most Charming Vampire Ever

No glamouring required. He'll always have a place in our hearts (and beds). If you need more reasons, True Blood Season 5 is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download.

1. We'll never forget the first time he came into Merlotte's:

2. No one can tire of this view:

3. Because even if you're more of a shower person, he's impossible to resist:

4. Bill in a tux? Deliciously spectacular:

HBO / Via

5. is his pronunciation of "Sookie"

6. No matter how ugly the situation, he'll have an idea on how to fix it:

7. Even when he's in danger, he's lovable:

8. He has the best "WTF" faces:

9. We'll never forget how he looked in the 80s:

10. He takes the best care of Jessica:

11. No one is full of more wisdom-y statements:

12. He keeps an open mind about what's important:

13. He's a little bit curmudgeon-y:

14. And he'll show up to your house with a joke:

15. Rushing through it to the rescue:

16. All while having the most swoon-worthy angry face:

17. (Oh yeah, he's also the new vampire God):