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14 Things You Must Know About Becoming The New Vampire God

You're the Chosen One. Congrats. Here are some suggestions to help you deal with the life change (though we know Billith will do whatever he wants). Just don't miss the new season of True Blood premiering on Sunday, June 16 at 9PM, only on HBO.

1. Never forget that you were pretty badass:

2. Bringing the fear whenever you pleased:

3. Then Lilith made you the Chosen One:

4. And with one, bold gulp...

5. You. Became. God.

6. Time to begin ruling! Start with your insane fangs:

7. Or maybe your frightening eyes:

8. Everyone will instinctively start doing this:

9. Because now you can walk through destruction like it's nothing:

10. And you do not care about high-voltage pain:

11. Brace yourself for the worshipping:

12. Others will be awestruck:

13. And Sookie DEFINITELY won't be able to handle it:

14. Since you've become a walking nightmare, feel free to destroy whatever you darn-well please: