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13 Reasons Why Vampire Bars Are The Best Bars

There's no place like Fangtasia. And it’s where the True Blood cast (vampire and otherwise) will be answering questions on HBO on June 19th, 8:45 p.m. ET/PT. Submit your unanswered wonderings to and learn some behind the scenes #secretsfromtheset all Sunday.

1. They're plenty welcoming to mortals:

2. But you'll still get some sass from the bouncers:

3. A gorgeous, brooding someone normally runs the place:

4. You can count on the people who work there to be painfully honest:

5. ...and to always remember you:

6. There's plenty of good, old-fashioned swearing:

7. During the daylight you can enjoy the place to yourself:

8. The food here is pretty good (though sometimes the food is you):

9. There's some weirdness to keep things interesting:

10. You might meet some newbie vampires:

11. Everyone is always giving someone eyes:

12. It all makes normal bars seem wayyyyy too ordinary:

13. And if you go home with someone, well, there's a chance he might look like this: