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12 Reasons To Be Glad You're Not A Supe

Perhaps being human is fine after all. See all the supernatural beings (supes) struggle to get along in Season 6 of True Blood, available on DVD June 3.

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1. You'd prefer NOT to turn on the ones you love.

2. Crying blood seems like it'd be incredibly messy.

(Exhibit A):

3. It'd be hard to tell who really likes you, and who just likes you for your abilities.

4. Constantly seeing the worst in people would be tiresome.

5. You'd always be bewildered by your own body.

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6. Vampires like you that much more.

7. No one would ever feel safe around you.

8. Hearing everyone else's thoughts ALL THE TIME would be a complete nightmare.

9. You wouldn't be able to contain your animal/supe urges, like growling.

10. You could NEVER just enjoy a sunny day.

11. People would be openly rude to you about your ~specialness.~

12. And you'd constantly have to be saying this: