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18 Life Lessons From True Blood That Also Apply To Mortals

The facts of life are the same around the world—and that includes the swamps of Bon Temps. And for more valuable insight into this Louisiana life, True Blood Season 5 is available now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download.

1. It's possible to look terrifying in a violet sweater:

2. If you can't find love, maybe it's because you make up words:

3. To be beautiful, you gotta look a bit ridic for a while:

4. Just because you're shirtless doesn't mean you can make all the crazy sounds that you want:

5. Don't let your good looks go to waste:

6. Most people have similar motivations:

7. There's still nothing worse than a politician:

8. As long as you say it with a smile, it's cool to be super-threatening:

9. Do what you love:

10. Anything small is considered "teacup"

11. Cats are still the best at smelling fear:

12. You can have unimaginable powers and still be a terrible dancer:

13. It's okay to be honest about your intentions:

14. Loving dangerous people is a thing that just happens:

15. As long as a metaphor sounds sweet, people will go along with it:

16. When you're frying to death, don't forget your manners:

17. Statements in general are more exciting when you end them with "bitches!"

18. Even well into your 100s, you can look fabulous: / Via http://HBO