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21 Times HBO Was The Source Of All Your Happiness

Sundays were never more magical.

1. When you canceled everything to stay in and binge-watch your favorite show:

2. When Tyrion Lannister first entered your life:

3. When you finished The Wire and felt totally accomplished:

4. When you started talking like Kenny Powers IRL:

5. When The Sopranos had you feeling everything:

6. Any time there was eye candy (which was often):

7. When Julia Louis-Dreyfus brought tears to your eyes, but like, in a good way:

8. When "Victory!" became your new catchphrase...

9. ...and Ari Gold became your new spirit animal:

10. When you hosted your own viewing party with friends:

11. When you never enjoyed cringing so much:

12. When John Oliver got his own show, and it was so well deserved:

13. When you couldn't take your eyes off these girls:

14. When Dom was the BFF you always wanted:

15. When you got in touch with your inner Samantha...

16. ...and finally found out Big's real name!

17. When you realized Larry David was the only one who understood you:

18. When the Six Feet Under finale was absolutely everything:

19. When plot twists caught you completely off guard and rattled your world:

20. When things were so badass you couldn't even stand it:

21. And this. Just this:

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, there's a new reason to celebrate with HBO NOW. HBO NOW is available via the Internet in April.

All images courtesy of HBO.