15 Things All GIRLS Can Relate To

Trust us, we know we can be crazy, but at least we’re able to poke fun at ourselves. Take a look at the best situations all GIRLS go through presented by gifs, and make sure you pick up Season One of GIRLS, now available on DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital Download.

1. Trying to look cool in front of your ex-boyfriend… but you're just totally wasted

2. When you finally get your way

3. Convincing your parents they should still pay your rent

4. Spending the first night at home since college

5. When you've just had the best sex of your life

6. Mistaking the party leftovers for coffee

7. When you second guess that hug

8. Best. Party. Ever.

9. When he's the only one who thinks it's funny

10. Avoiding someone like the plague at a party

11. Remembering exactly what you did last night

12. When you would never be caught dead with your roommate in that outfit

13. When what you've done is THAT BAD

14. When someone spills your most shameful, painful, private secret

15. When you just don't give a f*ck

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