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    Every "Search Party" Main Character, Ranked From Most Decent To Absolute Worst

    This was hard.

    🚨WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Search Party Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4!🚨

    Search Party has officially been renewed for a fifth season and fans have mixed feelings about how Season 4 ended. The show stars four out-of-touch and narcissistic millennials who embark on an adventure to find a college acquaintance that's missing. Every character in the show is annoying, but a few of them are just horrible people. So, here's a ranking of each main character, from the most decent to the absolute worst.

    9. Julian

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    Julian definitely has his moments, but he's the only one in the show who seems to have any direction and decent empathy skills along with some moral judgment. Although he does tend to take advantage of people to boost his writing material and freelance career, he doesn't do it in a power-hungry sort of way. He can also see through everyone's bullshit and isn't afraid to expose it. Julian is definitely the least problematic.

    8. Gail

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    Gail has a good heart and good intentions. She's certainly not a bad person, she just has a lot going on in her personal life and her impulsive self-deprecation is leading her down a dark path. Well, that and also being way too nice to Dory.

    7. Marc

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    Marc is naive and kind of an idiot, but he is quite lovable. Although he has many of his own problems, including being a people-pleaser and letting people walk all over him, he is one of the few characters in the show that has empathy and compassion.

    6. April

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    April is wild and unpredictable and terrifying. She has an incredible temper and blackmails the crew after finding out they murdered Keith. BUT she also tells it like it is and doesn't expect any special treatment and isn't an entitled mess. She knows herself, has principles (sort of), doesn't take shit from anyone, and knows when she's being manipulated.

    5. Portia

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    Manipulative, kind of an idiot, and very self-absorbed, Portia is 100% the least terrible one out of the main friend group. She is the only one who is a genuinely good friend (but not always) and attempts to become a better person as the show progresses. Sure, she's kind of naive, problematic, and out-of-touch, but she isn't a bad person at her core which has led to her being taken advantage of by her friends, her mother, and hipster-to-the-cringe-level art "prodigy" Elijah.

    4. Chantal

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    Do I need to even comment on this one? Chantal, even her name, makes me want to punch her in the face. She runs away from home for literally no reason. Then she lies to her family who has been worried sick about her. On top of that, she sleeps with Drew despite all the help and loyalty Dory showed her by reuniting with her family. If that's not enough, she is also the epitome of an out-of-touch millennial with zero purpose and viable aspirations in life, she doesn't even show remorse for how her irresponsible behavior affects her family and those around her. She wants attention and only thinks about herself. Bye Chantal. You suck.

    3. Elliot

    HBO Max

    Elliot (or should I say Eldad) was hard to rank. He has had moments throughout the show where he does show a slither of remorse and empathy and seems like he's headed on the right track. But then he always ends up making me hate him even more. He lies under oath, hides his loving family and roots, and his entire life is an exhausting, confusing web of lies. Also, let's not forget how shitty he treats Marc, who has loved him unconditionally despite how awful Elliot is to him.

    2. Drew

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    Nothing says "I love you" to your girlfriend and best friends like ditching murder charges and attempting to run away to China. There were times when Drew didn't seem like such a horrible guy. But after the murder, rather than owning up to his part, he chose to place all of the blame on Dory. Drew also has silver-spoon-hipster-gentrifying-Brooklyn-with-shitty-apartment-decor vibes, making him the most annoying of the friend group. Tbh, he and Dory deserve each other.

    1. 1. Dory

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    It was really difficult to choose whether Drew or Dory is the worst, But Dory shows no remorse for her actions and is an actual sociopath, which makes her pretty damn horrible. She manipulates and obsesses while using those around her as chess pieces to fill the empty void inside of her. The only good thing Dory ever did was trying to leave Portia out of the crime and saving her from being eaten by rats, and potentially having a reckoning with who she is after her near-death experience at the end of Season 4 (debatable). Aside from cold-blooded murder, let's not forget how she refused to admit to the murder and pulled her friends deeper into it. She is pure evil, aimless, and just really doesn't give a shit about anything or anyone. She's an asshole to her hard-working, loving parents and her friends who still stick by her side despite how awful she is. The absolute worst.

    So do you agree with this ranking? Let me know in the comments below.