Every "Search Party" Main Character, Ranked From Most Decent To Absolute Worst

    This was hard.

    🚨WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Search Party Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4!🚨

    Search Party has officially been renewed for a fifth season and fans have mixed feelings about how Season 4 ended. The show stars four out-of-touch and narcissistic millennials who embark on an adventure to find a college acquaintance that's missing. Every character in the show is annoying, but a few of them are just horrible people. So, here's a ranking of each main character, from the most decent to the absolute worst.

    9. Julian

    8. Gail

    7. Marc

    6. April

    5. Portia

    4. Chantal

    3. Elliot

    2. Drew

    1. 1. Dory

    So do you agree with this ranking? Let me know in the comments below.